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Our goal is to buy distressed homes in stable areas where there is still strong buying demand. Part of our grand vision is to improve the overall quality of living in both urban and suburban neighborhoods. In addition to improving overall quality of life, we are committed to increasing the value of real estate in our community. Our company builds value by rehabilitating properties that are in significant need of repairs. We are able to target distressed properties and breathe new life back into them by renovating and improving the condition of the property. By doing so, we are able to create beautiful homes and encourage home ownership.

Quick Solutions for Real Estate Issues

We focus on solving complicated real estate matters for people throughout the state. Since our inception, we have helped hundreds of homeowners find solutions to their complicated real estate problems.  Whether the homeowner is looking to stay in the home or sell, we can provide a quick and easy solution. We have an expertise in foreclosure avoidance and we can help stop the foreclosure and avoid bankruptcy in most scenarios. We work with each homeowner individually and explore all possible options. 

Real Estate Property Investments

We provide the investment opportunity for private money lenders to benefit greatly from investing capital in our projects. A real estate mortgage/ deed of trust provides you with security instruments you would not get with other investments. You also have added layers of protection because of how we buy and secure your investment.


We currently pay 4-5 times what a typical bank CD is paying. Our rates will fluctuate very little all depending on the purchase price and rehab involved. The lower the price we pay for a home, the higher rate we can pass on to our investors to make it worth their time. Private lending means you can relax while the money is in a truly safe place, working for you.

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